Tiff Manuell

I have been around for a little while, I am a mum with two young teenage daughters Indigo and Macy and hubby/ partner Dave. I studied fashion design at RMIT  which was huge inspiration and where I met some of my favorite people. I have always kind of created my own path lead mainly just by my love of illustration, painting, sewing and making. For almost all of my working life I along with Dave built a business  called Happy House, it is an artbased brand which these days is sold mainly in countries around South and Central America, the Middle East and Asia and is focused on product design for young girls. Happy House has been an amazing journey  but I was really looking to find a small window away from commercial design. I gave myself a day a week to start painting and making again with out limitation........ and so started this new journey. I am inspired everyday by all sorts of things, i can never precisely tell what it is but i have a hard time planning or controlling it which is what I like about this project. I want it to be spontaneous and to move quickly, for it not to be restrained by typical industry formats but more organic in its evolution. It has been fun so far, meeting girls who love the bags and accessories and who connect with them in some way is exciting and humbling and it's that sense of happiness that propels me to keep creating.

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